Welcome to my little corner of the internet. A little about me.

I was first licensed in the fall of 1991 as a no code Tech N9NOE. Later that year I upgraded to General. In 1993 I then upgraded to Advanced with the call KF9NK then later that year to Extra with the call AA9OO. Once the vanity calls were available I really wanted K9 or W9BC which were not available yet. But N9BC was so I decided to apply for that one. For quite sometime I checked into the 3905 Century Club net worked and met some really nice folks.

Sometime in the early 2000s I started contesting mostly the WI Qso party and FD. I really love the trill of having a pileup and working everyone I could.  I blame my good friend Gregg K9KL for making me love contests as much as I do. He has an awesome station that I could use pretty much anytime I wanted and I can tell you it rocks. I rarely have to say my call more than once to break through a pile up. 

For a few years hamradio dropped off for me besides for going out by K9KL’s for Field Day or for the WIQP. Another good friend Jeremy N9RWR that I haven’t talked much over the years said he wanted to get back into the radio hobby again. He did the unthinkable he let his license expire. So he studied and passed all 3 tests in a matter of a month or so. Way to go! He was issued a license once again. Then applied for a vanity W9JLW now “N9DM”.  After some wheeling and dealing it was time to get a shack again. With some swaping and selling some computer gear I was able to get a Icom 718 thanks to him. I was back on the air! 

Now with a house full of people phone really was not going to work well at least not where the rig was. So digital and cw it was. I used to operate PSK31 quite a bit with my old shack. Then I found this new mode call JT65 using 3-15watts typically and people were working dx pretty with ease. I had to try it. Sure enough with my End-Fed halfwave for 20m. I was working anyone I heard. I was hooked! After some poking W9JLW a bit I got him hooked as well. We both were working some great DX!  As usual I just had to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade. So now here is my current shack.

If you have questions, just drop me an email.

73 and hope to see you soon!